Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Day 2 - Link Dump!

I think I'll do this periodically. My pinboard gets full quickly and there's some really interesting stuff to go back to.

Useful Tech Stuff
  • Nitter - browse twitter without garbage
  • Invidious - watch youtube without tracking and other garbage
  • Plain Old Recipes - extract recipe text from recipe sites without all the ad/jumping around/click-behind bullshit
  • Open Broadcaster Software Studio - OSS suite for video recording and live streaming
  • Energized Protection - comprehensive host blocklists for spy/ad/porn/etc 
  • ShareDrop - super useful peer-to-peer, anonymized live file transfers
  • - another peer-to-peer file transfer page
  • ffmpegfs - FUSE filesystem for media file conversions. I've started thinking there isn't any problem you can't solve with a FUSE filesystem. Creating even more problems! But seriously, s3fs and sshfs are some of the things I always put on a fresh linux install
  • Project Gemini - Someone wants to resurrect gopher!
  • adservers.txt - another list of ad servers, useful for DNS blackholing
  • Wide-band WebSDR - located in the Netherlands, fun to play with 
  • CanaryTokens - tripwires to set around random places that let you know when people are where they shouldn't be
  • Monitoror - pretty host monitoring. I wrote something like this in perl with more comprehensive plugins, but this one's pretty good
  • posthaven - theoretically 'forever' blog hosting
  • Retroshare - peer-to-peer all-in-one social sharing
  • Aether - peer-to-peer ephemeral public communities. Probably where the nazis go when they get kicked off of facebook/twitter/reddit
  • perlwm - X11 window manager written entirely in perl!
  • BASH quick reference
  • My Little BBSing Resource Page - BBSes still exist!
  • Linux ThinkPad Wiki - sadly dated, but I ran across this while wrangling with my Lenovo Legion Y530, might prove useful if you want to run older laptops
Useful Life Stuff

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